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Zest Lighting Reviews and Customer Testimonials


A common question that we get asked by customers is:

"why does Zest Lighting not have many reviews on google"

We get it - given that we have been around since 2014, surely, there should be more reviews.

We would like to address this question in our blog.

Since our inception, we have been fixated on one thing only and that is our mission to provide the best in designer lighting with excellent service and at an affordable price - we do not spend our time, resources and energy in anything else but this mission. This means that we do not spend time to encourage or force our customers to share their positive comments and reviews on other third party websites - this takes away resources from our mission and as a small Australian owned and operated business, we have more important things to do.

However, we can see that the result of our approach has led to almost no customer reviews on google - unfortunately, this misleads some customers to think that we are some kind of ''mystery fly by the night operation'' with no value. This is so far from the truth.

Over the past 4 years, we have supplied thousands of Australian customers with the best in designer lighting at an affordable price.

And, over that span of time, we have received many positive reviews from our customers via email or product reviews on our website, and no negative reviews on a third party website (as of January 2019) - given that negative reviews and bad news travel fast, we are proud to not have a single bad review. Of course, there has been stuff ups and we have received negative emails in the past, but we try our absolute best to swiftly resolve any issues that come up before it blows up to the point of a negative review - Given that we don't have a negative review on google as of January 2019, we feel that we are doing a fine job. 

All of the positive comments from our customers via email has been shared internally among staff but is never shared externally due to our strong commitment to privacy. Also, we do not force or encourage our customers to post their comments anywhere else outside of Zest Lighting as it feels invasive and unnatural. 

Nevertheless, we have compiled a selected list of reviews for you here - these reviews have been provided by our customers on our product pages and are approved to be shared externally. 

Thank you for vising Zest Lighting and I hope we can share our zest for lights with you. 

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