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Zest Lighting Coupon Codes


As per our previous post on sales, at Zest Lighting we rarely have sales - we review our pricing regularly to ensure that you are consistently getting the best designer lighting at an affordable price.

However, in the past, we have been approached by our customers for coupon codes when their basket size is over a certain amount. We understand that bulk purchases should be offered discounts. So, below, we have listed coupon codes for customers where their cart size is over a certain amount of dollars:

Cart Size: $2,500 - $3,000

Discount: 5%

Coupon Code: H26BE9YOC6

Cart Size: $3,001 - $5,000

Discount: 7.5%

Coupon Code: PLEO078E29F

Cart Size: $5,000+

Discount: 10%

Coupon Code: I7K7OEL9QN

We offer high quality designer lighting at affordable pricing. 

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Why does Zest Lighting NOT sell everything and anything?

Zest Lighting is an online boutique specialising in designer lighting - specifically, designer pendant lights, chandeliers, wall lights, and lamps. Unlike many other lighting retail shops, we don't list tens of thousands of products from all categories ranging from oven heat lamps to vehicle head lights (and everything in between) in the hope of getting a [...]

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When are Zest Lighting Sales?

At Zest Lighting, we review our pricing regularly to ensure that you are consistently getting the best designer lighting at an affordable price. We strongly believe that pricing should be reasonable and affordable throughout the year and don't agree with the not so uncommon online retail practice of inflating prices just to discount them. Our pricing [...]

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Zest Lighting Reviews and Customer Testimonials

A common question that we get asked by customers is:"why does Zest Lighting not have many reviews on google"We get it - given that we have been around since 2014, surely, there should be more reviews. We would like to address this question in our blog. Since our inception, we have been fixated on one [...]

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Tips for Buying Replica Lighting Online

When you shop online for a particular replica of the original, you will soon realise that there are many retailers essentially selling the same product. For example, take the iconic Replica Artichoke Pendant Light. Do a quick google search and you will find yourself inundated by the same product from many different retailers each with [...]

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Is a Replica Equal to an Original?

We are often asked the question "Is a Replica Equal to an Original?" Our Answer is below:The short answer - "No". The long answer -  "Definitely No". An original is designed and made with the ultimate level of precision and care. They are built to last and sometimes serve your interiors for decades. They can even serve [...]

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Zest Lighting is Getting Social

We would like to take this opportunity to present our customers the launch of our new Instagram Page: Zest Lighting on InstagramPlease like and follow for exclusive discounts and offers. Moving forward, we will only be using the following social media channels to connect with our customers:InstagramHouzzPinterestWe will not be updating our Facebook page.In 2019, due to [...]

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Not All Replicas are the Same

When shopping for replica lighting, please be aware that not all replica lighting is created equal.We have inspected, trialled, and tested many manufacturers who produce replicas and can say that many fail to create anything close to the original. Most replicas are very bad and cheap copies of the original with shoddy construction, cheap materials [...]

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Checklist for Buying Lights from Overseas Vendors

Zest Lighting is an Australian owned and based lighting store that is absolutely committed to only serving Australian customers with high quality designer lighting at the most competitive prices available.However, we often get the odd Australian customer who says that they can get a better price on designer lighting from overseas vendors such as Ali [...]

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