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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Wall Lights with Switches

Wall lights with on/off switches are more than just your average lighting fixture. Other than the functionality of discreet wall mounting and variety of styles to accommodate practically any space, whether it's decorated traditionally to be funkier and more contemporary, wall lights with switches are convenient because it gives you the ability to have complete control at the touch of a switch.

Wall lights with switches work best in reading nooks or beside the bed, where you might have two lights but only want one on at a time. Switched wall lights are convenient because they give you the ability to turn on or off the light whenever you read or watch televisions without leaving your bedside.

Many of these wall lights have wide-stretching adjustable arms, requiring a significant amount of space in the living room or on either side of the bed. You may also place them in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else you need the convenience of a switched wall light.

These wall lights are ideal for many applications and are available in a variety of styles and finishes. You may opt for traditional styles with fabric shades, modern designs with sleek metal finish or transitional frosted glass shades for soft, warm light. Some even have built-in dimmers, while others work with LED bulbs for energy savings.

Wall lights with switches come in a range of styles and finishes that complement your aesthetic. From traditional to contemporary, Zest lighting has stunning and varied selection of wall lights with switches for you to choose from.