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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

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A general history of the development of crystals for chandeliers

Crystal is known as a form of glass that has Lead Oxide (PbO) in its chemical composition.  The purpose of Lead Oxide is to increase the density of glass, which in turn, increases the refractive properties when it is cut and polished, it creates more colours and sparkle than regular glass.  The higher percentage of Lead Oxide in the composition of crystal, the more colours are reflected from it.  Cutting and polishing techniques are also very important.  In the old days, they were cut and polished by hand which left scratch marks and imperfections on the surface of the crystals.  Today’s method is to mix the compounds together and melt into a mould to form the intricate shapes available then they are fire polished to replicate the dazzling sparkle we all love!

 We sell the finest quality first grade K9 crystal.  When buying from overseas yourself you risk getting inferior crystals which are in essence lower grades and are a poor investment (not to mention the electrical components will most likely not meet Australian standards).

Some well-known crystal styles are as follows:

Full Lead Crystal: This is also one of the best quality crystals in the market today.  It has 30% Lead Oxide content and it is also precision machine cut and polished which gives it razor sharp facets, pure optical clarity and lots of colours.

Swarovski Spectra: Manufactured by Swarovski A.G a new addition to Crystal Market.  It has no Lead Oxide content but it is precision machine cut and polished which still gives it colours and brilliance.

Hand Cut Crystal: This crystal is manufactured by the old fashion way of cutting and polishing by hand.  The Lead Oxide content varies greatly but it is usually around 5%.  Due to the lack of Lead Oxide and not being cut and polished in a precise fashion, it lacks the brilliance and the colours of the above crystals.  Some companies call this type of crystal as: Heritage, Bohemian, Regal.

Italian Crystal: This crystal has no Lead Oxide content and it is not cut and polished.  It is simply glass melted in moulds shaped as crystals and fire polished, not machine or hand polished, for minimum clarity.  It is the most economic crystal in the market today.  It is also known as the Venetian Crystal (similar to today’s first grade K9 crystal).