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Which Modern Pendant Lighting is Best for Bedroom

Which Modern Pendant Lighting is Best for Bedroom

Posted by Zest Lighting Staff on 8th Feb 2024

In your bedroom, you've got everything from the bed to the rug and plants, but there's still something missing. What you need is a gorgeous light fixture that not only brightens up the room but also sets a calming atmosphere for a good night's sleep. That's where modern pendant lighting comes in. These lights aren't just for the kitchen or living room anymore - they can also be used to enhance your reading nook, sitting area, and bedside table.

Check out these awesome ideas for modern pendant lighting that will bring a cozy and stylish vibe to your space.

Statement Pendants

If your bedroom has a high ceiling, you can enhance its architectural features with a statement pendant light. Take a look at our Jasper Gold Round Crystal Pendant Chandelier as the ideal choice for this.


Geometric shapes and patterns are often seen in contemporary bedrooms. This pendant light with a modern design can perfectly blend into such a space by being the only geometric shape that can be seen. Can you imagine Tarbes Copper Cage Industrial Pendant Light in as your bedside bedroom light pendant?

One of the best-selling in our category of fabric pendant lights featuring drum shape is the Mara Drum Pendant Light - White


When talking about texture, you can probably think of materials for bed sheets, rugs or carpets, cushions, throws and some curtains. But modern pendant lighting also presents fabrics in crafting these lights. Create a cozy and stylish atmosphere in your contemporary minimalist bedroom by incorporating fabric pendant lights or textured lighting fixtures. 

Modern Globe

Rounded shapes look beautiful clustered together but for most bedside hanging lights, this Replica IC Pendant Light - Brass is a trendy design for contemporary bedroom aesthetic.


Sculptural pendant lights are like a work of art. The Altagracia Black Gold Ring LED Pendant stands out with its unique structure, showcasing an artistic design.

Contemporary Shape

Know that many lights offer custom options with different sizes, shapes, finishes, and number of lights. Just like this modern disc shaped pendant light featuring one glass ball, the Assissi Gold Opal Glass Ball Pendant. It's in our collection of modern pendant lighting and bedside application is the perfect place for this fitting.

Scandinavian Style

If you're looking for a classic lampshade in your bedroom, upgrade it to this scandinavian simplicity of Diabolica White Flat Top Cone Pendant, it complements traditional white walled rooms.

Woven Pendants

For earthy warm glow or you want a relaxed, laid-back beachside feel in your sanctuary at night, opt for modern pendant lights made of rattan.

Elegant Glass 

The Muna Fade Blue Shade Pendant, Bailey Gold Alabaster Glass Ball Pendant Light, and Parlour Old Brass Geo White Glass Pendant Light are all unique glass pendant lights that will add a touch of style to your bedroom. Each light has its own distinct look and will create a different effect in your space. But one thing is certain - these lights are the perfect for hanging above your bedroom shelving options. They will add an elegant touch and create a stunning ambiance in your room.

To discover more of these stylish bedroom fittings, check out Zest Lighting's collection of  premium quality bedroom pendant lighting.

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