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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Tips for Buying Replica Lighting Online

Posted by Zest Lighting on 9th Jun 2023

When you shop online for a particular replica of the original, you will soon realise that there are many retailers essentially selling the same product. For example, take the iconic Replica Artichoke Pendant Light. Do a quick google search and you will find yourself inundated by the same product from many different retailers each with their own set of prices. Prices range from $149 (nasty stuff from ebay) to $659 (better quality from high end retailers) for a 50cm sized Replica Artichoke Pendant. You then wonder why each retailer has a different set of prices for the same product - you hunt down the cheapest deal and then order it with a big smile on your face thinking that you will be getting a true replica of the original. A week later the item arrives and you soon find yourself bitterly disappointed with its quality of construction, material and general aesthetic.

You see, often times, consumers are not aware that a replica product is not created equal. So they search for the cheapest deal and receive an item that barely resembles the original with shoddy construction, cheap materials and poor workmanship evident all over the product, leaving them too embarrassed to put it on show in their interiors.

We have come up with a check list to help you avoid this situation and find a high quality reproduction of the original online.


Look closely at the images and make sure they have more than one generic image. Also make sure that the image is in fact a true representation of the actual replica product on offer rather than a generic image that is used for that particular replica by every retailer. Ask for close up images if not available on site. Look for things such as its construction and workmanship. If everyone uses the same image, then look to the specifications, materials, and descriptions provided on the product page.

Specifications and Materials

Compare the specifications and details of the replica to the original. Check for the following:

  1. Product dimensions: Is the height of the replica the same as the original? What about its width? Does it have the same proportions as the original?
  2. Materials: What materials are used and what is their quality?
  3. Lamp holder: Is it the same as the original?
  4. Canopy: Does the canopy suit the shade or frame? What shape and colour is the canopy?
  5. Cord: Does it come with a cord? What is the length? What is the cord made out of?
  6. Assembly: Does it require complicated assembly?
  7. Painting: Is the painting strong and even, replicating the exact colour of the original? Or does it have cheap discoloured painting applied, which kind of looks like the original? You'll be surprised how varied and important paint is to the overall aesthetic of a replica.

When measuring the quality of a replica using the retailers product page, always make sure that you compare it to the original.

Product Descriptions

Read their product descriptions carefully. If they are just generic descriptions from the manufacturer then be wary of its quality - they may not understand the product well or simply don't care to write a proper description for the item, which shows their quality standards and care. Our product descriptions are written by our product manager, who handles each replica by hand and chooses the best model from the many samples we get offered. An example of a good product description is of the Replica Jason Miller Modo 10 Bulb Chandelier. Every aspect of the model is discussed in detail and compared to other replicas.


How cheap is it? If they have a showroom and are more competitive than us then it definitely is an inferior product. I'll explain why. We work on a direct from the makers business model - this means that we have no showrooms, no stores, no middle men and therefore have very little costs. As a result, we are able to only put a very small margin on our products and be very competitive. In comparison, an online retailer with a showroom and a big marketing budget have huge costs so they import cheap copies and then add a big margin to cover their costs and make a profit. Therefore if the item is cheaper than us after a big margin is applied, then it means that the item was imported at an extremely low price - so it's cheap shoddy quality.

On the other hand, if a retailer is better priced than us and seems to have the same product as us, we ask you to contact us and provide their details so we can make sure you are getting a good quality product. We assure you that we know our replicas really well and can provide valuable information before you decide on purchasing a valuable piece for your home or business.

Returns Policy

Do they offer a decent returns policy? If the company is confident about their product quality then they will make sure they have a good returns policy put in place.


How long is the warranty? Usually it should be 1 year but if it's 2 years free warranty then I can tell you confidently that it's a gem. Jump at it.

So next time, please research carefully before you purchase a replica and I hope our tips have helped you to make a better informed decision.

Zest Lighting takes out all the stress of shopping for high quality replica by offering the highest quality reproductions of the best lighting designs at a price that everyone can afford. Please have a browse of our curated range and be inspired to revitalise your interiors with quality designer lighting straight from the manufacturer.

Disclaimer: Zest Lighting products are not manufactured or approved by, or affiliated with, or endorsed by the original designers or manufacturers.

Our products are not exact replicas of the original.