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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Reading Wall Lights

Visually intensive work such as reading, and writing requires proper lighting. While reading in the dark won’t cause permanent damage to your eyes, it may lead to short-term problems, such as headaches and eye strain, which are avoidable. Whether you’re reading a book, an e-reader, on a tablet or any type of reading material, you should know why reading with proper lighting helps to avoid eye strain.

Task lighting such as reading wall light is not meant to illuminate the entire room, but it helps increase illumination for activities specific to reading or writing. What makes these lights special? Well, it’s mounted on the wall and the position of this reading light is unique compared to those of desk lamps since it gives you a comfortable feel while lying in bed or sitting in a cozy corner of the living room. Other than that, it saves a lot of space because it doesn’t require a table or a desk.

Reading wall lights are the essential task lighting for all keen readers, writers, and home office workers. At Zest Lighting, we have an extensive array of designs and styles, from contemporary and modern industrial style designs, and in a variety of materials and finishes, such as glass and metal shades. Browse our selection, find styles that perfectly suit your aesthetic.