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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Not All Replicas are the Same

1st Jun 2015

When shopping for replica lighting, please be aware that not all replica lighting is created equal.

We have inspected, trialled, and tested many manufacturers who produce replicas and can say that many fail to create anything close to the original. Most replicas are very bad and cheap copies of the original with shoddy construction, cheap materials and lazy workmanship being their undoing. This results in very fake looking features that will last a few months and will leave you too embarrassed to put in your space.

Many big online retailers select their products based solely on price (to cut costs), meaning that their replicas are usually these cheap nasty copies of the original. They then add massive margins to the product (often times at 3x their cost). The result is inferior lighting being sold for much more than they are worth. Why is this the case? Because they have a lot of costs to pay for – showrooms, staff, marketing, among many others. So they cut cost by choosing low priced replicas and then they add an unreasonable margin to the product, which ends up being a bit of a raw deal for consumers. You end up paying for their costs and then get a bad excuse for designer lighting.

Zest Lighting is a new online lighting boutique that is making a stand – we are dedicated to bringing you high quality reproductions of the best lighting designs at a price that everyone can afford. We achieve this through our ‘direct from the makers’ business model. We have no stores. No showrooms. No middle men. We just cut out the fuss and bring high quality reproductions direct to you from the makers. Every dollar saved goes to your pocket and you end up with a faithful reproduction of the original. It is not exactly the same, but some may mistake it for an original. 

We import a curated range of high quality expensive reproductions of the original in bulk and then add a very small margin (because we can) so that you end up with a good quality product at an affordable price. It’s really that simple.

We have inspected and quality tested many manufactures in our quest to finding quality reproductions that meet our high standards for accuracy, quality and workmanship. We have found a very few among thousands that have the same commitment as us - each product and manufacturer is hand picked to ensure that our lights is as close to the original as possible. We know our designer lighting - we know how they should look, what materials should be used, its specifications and measurements and its general feel (the other big online retailers just know the name of the replica and roughly how they should look). Although not the same as the original, given it's price point, it will do for many customers who cannot afford the high brow (and exclusive) pricing of the originals. 

We back all our products with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 days returns policy on stock items

To compensate for having no showroom, we offer detailed descriptions and high resolution pictures of each product. Moreover, we can even take close up photos of the product in our warehouse for you on request. If that is not enough, as we said before, we provide you a 30 day returns policy to ensure absolute satisfaction.

So not all replica lighting is created equal and we ask you to please inspect every retailer to ensure that you are getting a true replica of the original - not a poor excuse for designer lighting. Please check their images closely, compare the specs, see what materials are being used, ask for many images, investigate warranty and returns, shop around and then make a decision. Here is an article from us to help you buy replica lighting online

Or you can just shop from Zest lighting. We offer high quality reproductions at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. We welcome you to browse our range and shop with the knowledge that you are getting a better quality product than the other big retailers.

Disclaimer: Please note that our replicas are not exactly like the original. We have respect for the original pieces and understand how and why they can cost 10x more than replicas. We simply attempt to offer customers a faithful reproduction of the original at an affordable price point.