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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Table Lamps - Shop by Type

Table lamps are portable lights that don’t need extra real estate space. A vacant space on the console table, a simple area on the shelf, or an empty portion on the counter, table lamps can enhance the beauty and allure of your rooms just by adding them onto an elevated space.

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Adjustable table lamps are the go-to lighting for task-oriented activities, providing direct and intense lighting to your desired area. They come in many colours and sizes, suitable for most residential and commercial applications.

Dome table lamps create a sense of harmony and balance with their iconic shade shape. Add them to your vanity table to produce evenly dispersed lighting or by the cabinetry to highlight your prized possessions and essential knickknacks.

Tripod table lamps, due to the nature of their structure, often use a significant amount of counter space. Nevertheless, it’s also because of their unique design that they’re favourite statement pieces of many table lamp lovers.

We welcome you to browse our collection of table lamps available at affordable prices—shop designer table lamps by type here at Zest Lighting.