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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Modern Table Lamps

The Modern style is characterised by a monochromatic palette, clean lines, and the combination of using natural and manufactured materials. It is a style that emerged in the early twentieth century under the Modernism Movement and has continued to influence many succeeding art styles we know today.

Modern table lamps manifest the distinct features of this design theme. Neutral colours and finishes such a beige, black, white, and grey coat the table lamps whose bases are made from wood, glass, concrete, or metal and paired with linen or cotton shades. With its minimal to no ornamentations mantra, Modern table lamps portray the importance of practicality and functionality over decorations and aesthetics.

Zest Lighting brings you our curated collection of Modern table lamps suitable for the needs and style of your spaces. Add a touch of quiet allure and no-nonsense-frills to your homes with a carefully-designed Modern table lamp.

We look forward to sharing our zest for Modern table lamps with you.