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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Floor Lamps - Shop by Type

Floor lamps can be classified by function type, which largely influences their form and structures. Here at Zest Lighting, we have our collection of floor lamps suitable for most residential and commercial spaces. Browse our collection of floor lamps by type to find your next portable ground lighting.

Shop affordable designer floor lamps by type at Zest Lighting. Available for delivery Australia wide and abroad. Free shipping on selected Metro areas.

Floor Reading Lamps

Floor Standing Lamps

Arc Floor Lamps

Tripod Floor Lamps

Many floor lamp types in the international market are designed and shaped according to the most famous art styles around. We’ve classified our collection of floor lamps according to the most basic and popular types to help our valuable clients browse and shop with comfort and peace.

Floor reading lamps, as the name implies, are floor lamps that accompany customers while reading. They are generally considered task lights, providing an ample amount of illumination to a specific area. Shining your table counters with light while you write a letter, draw an artwork, read a book, or type on your computer is the typical daily work of these lamps without cluttering your desk space.

Floor standing lamps provide general light in a room. They scatter bright lighting in any space and are considered the next leading lighting equipment after hanging lights. Generally, they don’t have complicated structures - just a free-standing tall and straight body that is connected to a shade of chosen materials. Often seen beside couches and beds, these lamps are perfect mood makers and portable functional lights.

Arc floor lamps have curved bodies, giving a certain decorative appeal to the usual single-purpose floor lamp. They take up a larger space than other floor lamps due to their arched structures, making them the most suitable and convenient featured statement lighting in the room. It’s advisable to place them near walls for safety reasons, but they can also be great task lights when placed behind couches and tables.

Like arc floor lamps, tripod floor lamps are another set of lamps that diverge from their usual single base structure. Noted as one of the eccentric lamps due to its three legs that follow the tripod camera stands, these lamps also take up a larger surface space than traditional floor lamps. These lamps can captivate the viewer’s eyes due to their unique charms and can be a creative task, accent, or main lighting in interior spaces.