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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

Coloured Bulbs

Interior or exterior lighting with coloured bulbs provides a vast selection of colours to choose from, allowing you to switch between millions of options using methods such as voice activation, smartphone, home hub, or even voice activation. This feature makes these smart lights not only convenient but also very friendly towards people who love different shades and hues. A colour changing bulb provides great flexibility to create the ambience to suit any application, as well as the ability to control brightness and schedules across most models. With their vast range of colors available, multi coloured light bulbs are extremely sociable! They come in handy while hosting parties at your house where you can experiment with a wide variety of colours based on the theme set for that particular occasion. These bulbs are available in a range of cap fittings, shapes and lumens options suitable for all sorts of requirements - making them versatile friends indeed!