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Zest Lighting is an online boutique based in Sydney that offers you the best in lighting designs at the click of a fingertip. Since 2014, we have been bringing high street designs online without the high street price tag.

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 Shop designer chandeliers by style. Whether you're looking for Candle-style, Hampton or Wooden style to make a statement lighting, we have all chandelier styles you need to suit your space.



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Candle Chandeliers, the grand of it all, takes the decoration back to its roots. These types of chandeliers often have 5 to 12 arms, each with its own candle-like light at the end. Ideally, this is suited for those favouring a more traditional or rustic style and come in large and small sizes. If you have a narrow space the small size doesn't necessarily need as much space. Another element of candle chandeliers are the tiers. They range from 1 tier to 5 tiers. One and 2 tiers are the most popular. Candle chandeliers might fit best in a dining room or entry way with high ceilings. 

Globe/Round Chandeliers Globe/round style chandeliers are lighting fixtures shaped into a globe or ball. The shape is made up of a series of lights often wrapped in some cage or materials like glass, crystals or wooden beads to create a globe effect.

Hamptons chandeliers are instantly recognisable for its relaxed yet refined design. Featuring natural materials such as rattan, timber, and glass, and focusing on a seamless transition from the ocean to your doorstep. Hampton chandeliers made of glass material above a dining table, not only creates a statement look, but also allows the surrounding light to pass through, thereby maintaining the transitional and neutral Hamptons look. 

Rectangle Chandeliers are lighting fixtures shaped into a rectangle. The shape is made up of a linear design with a series of lights often wrapped in some cage or materials like glass, crystals or timber. Rectangular chandeliers are better reserved for long, rectangular tables.

Rustic Chandeliers are characterized by an emphasis on simplicity and naturalism, use of wood, wrought iron, and Edison-style bulbs are common for rustic chandeliers.

Sputnik Chandeliers is a cool type chandelier. The light explodes with a series of light branches extending from a center point. Some are in symmetrical design forming a circle while others are more random. The multiple arms are straight and in some designs have lights on both ends while others have lights on only one end of the arm.

Wooden Chandeliers as its name suggests are made of timber or other wooden material in either dark or natural finish. Available in various shapes and designs to suit any application - whether it be for coastal, rustic, or hamptons vibe.

Chandeliers look amazing in their own right, a real showpiece for a space, the light in any room can have a huge impact on the interior design. We are based in Sydney and ship Australia wide including free shipping to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Shop Designer Chandeliers Online at Zest Lighting. 


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