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Top 5 Brass Pendant Lights for 2023

Top 5 Brass Pendant Lights for 2023

Posted by Zest Lighting on 17th Feb 2023

The brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which makes it very strong, and it won’t rust! The physical color of brass is similar to gold, so brass used in non-metallic surfaces such as fabrics often looks the same as gold.

Investing in a timeless raw material such as brass is an exciting way to create an industrialised, authentic look using raw materials which are affordable. Brass can be easily paired with a number of different textures and colours, including cream, white, gray, forest green, and almost any shade of blue.

Brass even pairs well with other metals, including copper, chrome, stainless steel and nickel. Brass is a lot less flashy than gold, less dazzling than silver and is a subtle way to add a touch of glamour without going overboard. This means if you feel the need to redecorate in the future, you wouldn’t need to invest in new accessories, as brass will continue to complement any given interior choice.

Here we feature our top 5 brass pendant lights, ranging from timeless icons to cutting-edge designs.

Dolce Beaten Brass Pendant Light

A stunning hanging lamp with a unique beaten metal texture with a polished deep brass interior and exterior. Ignites into a beautiful brass glow when switched on at night - a striking lighting feature by day. Versatile, stylish and elegant hanging lamp for your contemporary, industrial, modern and vintage interiors. It is best hung in a set over a bench but can also shine on its own.

Dolce Beaten Brass Pendant Light

Replica Lindsey Adelman Agnes 14 Bulb Chandelier

A high quality Zest Lighting replica of the original by acclaimed lighting designer Lindsey Adelman for the multi award winning Design Studio Roll & Hill. Agnes’s glowing, glass tubes were inspired by the light’s origins as a candelabra. Made of the highest quality metal and glass that is durable and attractive - electroplated metal with thick glass. When completely vertical, the light fitting looks formal, and once the angles change the light becomes more funky and fun. A stunning feature piece for your contemporary spaces.

Replica Lindsey Adelman Agnes 14 Bulb Chandelier

Mustang Dome Brass Iron Riveted Industrial Pendant Light

 A unique and stylish piece that takes inspiration from the sturdy rivets and graceful lines of the WWII Mustang fighter plane. It is entirely handcrafted and individually made, making each piece a statement in its own right. These versatile lights can add a touch of industrial chic to any ultra-modern or traditional space.

Mustang Dome Brass Iron Riveted Industrial Pendant Light

Brayden Geometric Brass Pendant Light

This light is created to be a luminaire sculpture for the home. Its three-dimensional shapes add a spectacular spread of light through the room with shadow effects from its layers. A Great designer light fitting for any room.

Helena Classic Antique Brass Pendant Light

The Helena Antique Brass Pendant Light uses a classic yet contemporary style to deliver a warm light to your living or workspace. All metal fittings are in antique brass. Please note that most glass components are handmade, and therefore small air bubbles, slight defects and colour variations may naturally occur during the glassblowing process.

If the list above does not suit your needs, budget or tastes, then we welcome you to browse our full selection of Brass Pendant Lights that are available at Zest Lighting.

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