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  • Replica Jason Miller Modo 21 Bulb Chandelier - Black - Smoke
  • Replica Jason Miller Modo 21 Bulb Chandelier - Black - Smoke

Replica Jason Miller Modo 21 Bulb Chandelier

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Make a bold style statement with our replica Modo 21 Chandelier. It is made from metal and glass and offers a sophisticated lighting feature for your contemporary interiors. You can fit it out with LED or halogen bulbs but we highly recommend using LED bulbs as they last longer and don't get hot - we offer you an option to include LED bulbs with your purchase (both bulbs have silver crowns). 

  • Our Replica Jason Miller Modo 21 Bulb Chandelier is a premium Zest Lighting replica of the original design by Jason Miller
  • This ultra cool and stylish designer light will look amazing in almost any environment.
  • Made of high quality aluminium with automobile paint backing and cognac coloured glass shades.
  • It has a late 1920s American Manhattan apartment block vibe.
  • This is the 6 sided 21 bulb version.
  • Our replica is a reproduction of the original made from the highest quality materials.
  • A dramatic spectacle that spreads ambient light all around it (360 degree lighting).
  • Dimensions: Diameter 68in/173cm x Height 42in/107cm (just like the original).
  • Includes 15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 45cm interchangeable aluminium rod lengths for custom drop height (easiley connectable aluminium stems for height variation).
    • Minimum drop height is 15cm
    • Maximum drop height is 120cm
  • Weighs 15kg
  • Round canopy in matching black metal finish - 20cm in diameter.
  • Available in the following colours:
    • Black finish with cognac/smoke coloured glass bulbs
    • Brass Body with Opal Cream Shades
    • Brass Body with Clear Shades
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  • A magnificent piece of the highest order - perfect as a illuminated feature piece for large spaces with high ceilings.
  • A truly regal light fitting that will awe your audience.
  • Its design features multiple bulbs in a diamond shape to create an elegant and graceful piece for your home, business or office. 
  • Design studio: Roll and Hill.
  • Designer: Jason Miller.

Please note that this is a premium replica of the original design. Our Replica Jason Miller Modo 21 Bulb Chandelier has been rigorously tested for quality control throughout each stage of the production process. We specialise in the sale of replica designer lighting and are so confident in the quality of our replica lights that we offer a 30 day return policy on all replicas by Zest Lighting. There are many cheap nasty copies around but we assure you that this is the best quality you can get at the most competitive price. We take our replicas very seriously.

Below, we compare the most common differences between a good replica and a bad replica of the Modo 15 Bulb Chandelier. We have seen almost every variation before settling on our current model.  

Bad Copy Good Copy - Zest Lighting
Disproportionate Dimensions: L 99cm x 99cm W x 45cm H or 125cm x Height 50cm (looks clunky and disproportionate). Proportionate dimensions: Diameter 68in/173cm x Height 42in/107cm.
Only 2 or 3 rods for height variation - doesn't allow for too many height options. Includes 15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 45cm interchangeable aluminium rod lengths - multiple height options.
Usually comes with an unassembled frame and hub system. Assembled frame and hub with easy assembly of the smoke glass shades and connection of the rod to each other and the canopy.
Cheap and thin aluminium parts with uneven discoloured painting on body and frame. 

Machined and thick aluminium with solid automobile painting in a matte finish for the body and frame. 

Strong amber coloured glass shades with multiple glass bubbles. Smoke cognac glass shades - We ensure each shade has minimal glass bubbles.
Incorrect dimensions of all parts including the glass shade, hub system and body (all parts are usually bigger than they should be, which makes it look more clunky).  Correct dimensions of all parts - from the glass shade diameter to the sizing of the hub to the width of the aluminium metal body. 
Always pay careful attention to the size of the lamp holders and glass shades, as they are usually disproportionate (large lamp holder with small glass shade). Small aesthetically pleasing lamp holders are hugged by the correct sized glass shades. When you include our LED bulbs with silver crown, it looks just as pictured. 
The three bulbs on each end (widest point) have an unbalanced profile with a bit of an angle upwards or downwards. The bulbs on each end (on the widest points) have a balanced profile with a perfect 90 degree angle between the lamp holders.   
Protruding screws coming out of the hub + glued together with big blocks of cheap glue creating glue blisters (melts with halogen bulb use).  No protruding screws on the hub + controlled use of high quality glue that is not overly visible that is more resistant to heat from halogen bulbs.


We supply direct from the factory and have no expensive showrooms or physical stores, which means we can pass on all the savings to you. We are bringing high street designs online to you without the price tag.

Please note: the original Jason Miller Modo 21 Light Chandelier retails for more than $9,000.00 AUD. 

Disclaimer: Zest Lighting products are not manufactured or approved by, or affiliated with, or endorsed by the original designers or manufacturers. This item is not an original which is sold under licence. Furthermore, Zest lighting do not claim to produce exact replicas of the original.

Material: Machined Aluminium, Glass

Dimension: Diameter 68in/173cm x Height 42in/107cm

Rod Length: 4 piece interchangeable rod for custom drop height. Includes a 15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 45cm pieces (maximum 120cm, minimum 15cm).

Ceiling Plate diamater: 20cm

Power & Light Source: 21 x E27

Colour: Black, Cognac, Brass, Cream, Clear

Finish: Automobile Black Paint Backing

Warranty: 1 Year

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